Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known at Fort Sill
Audio Messages                                      Memory Verse Packs
1.) Born to Reproduce                                   1.) TMS- NIV
2.) Follow the Rabbi                                       2.) TMS- NASB
3.) Many Aspire, Few Attain                          3.) Commands of Jesus
4.) The Dynamics of Discipleship 1              4.) Verse template
5.) The Dynamics of Discipleship 2              5.) BDC- NIV
6.) The Dynamics of Discipleship 3              6.) BDC- NAS
7.) The Dynamics of Discipleship 4
8.) The Dynamics of Discipleship 5
9.) Dawson Trotman's Testimony
10.) Multiplication

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Design For Discipleship (DFD)
Book 1-Your Life in Christ                          Book 2-The Spirit-Filled Christian
  1.)God Cares for You                                1.) The Obedient Christian
  2.) The Person of Jesus Christ                2.) God's Word in Your Life
  3.) The Work of Christ                              3.) Conversing with God
  4.) The Spirit Within You                          4.) Fellowship with Christians
                                                                      5.) Witnessing for Christ

Book 3-Walking With Christ                       Book 4-The Character of the Christian
  1.) Maturing in Christ                                 1.) The Call to Fruitful Living
  2.) The Lordship of Christ                          2.) Genuine Love in Action
  3.) Faith and the Promises of God            3.) Purity in Life
  4.) Knowing God's Will                              4.) Integrity in Living
  5.) Walking as a Servant                           5.) Character in Action

Book 5-Foundations for Faith                    Book 6-Growing in Discipleship
  1.) Who is God?                                        1.) What is a Disciple?
  2.) The Authority of God's Word              2.) The Responsible Steward
  3.) The Holy Spirit                                      3.) Helping Others Find Christ
  4.) Spiritual Warfare                                   4.) Follow-Up
  5.) The Return of Christ                             5.) World Vision