Knowing Christ and Making Christ Known at Fort Sill
New Post Chapel- Thursday Nights 18:45 (Across from Honeycutt Fitness Center)
                                           Childcare provided

Basic Discipleship Course Bible Study

Following the Master                                                                                    
1.) The Call to Follow
2.) The Word and Prayer
3.) Fellowship
4.) Witnessing

Who is Jesus?
5.) Son of Man
6.) Son of God
7.)The Teacher
8.) The Lord

The Kingdom of God
9.) A Fallen Race
10.) A World Divided
11.) A Disputed King
12.) A God Who Rules

Marks of a Disciple
13.) A New Identity
14.) The Holy Spirit
15.) Called to Character
16.) Called to Maturity

The Mission of Christ
17.) The Great Commission
18.) The New Commandment
19.) Spiritual Generations
20.) Faith and Promises